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Generally all steering wheels based on the PS3 controller will function in NFS Hot Pursuit with the exception of Logitech and Logitech-compatible steering wheels. 
PS3的话,所有方向盘都支持,除了Logitech和Logitech支持的方向盘,就是DF Pro, DFGT, G25, G27都不支持

* Please note that due to popular demand from the NFS Community, Criterion is working to add Logitech steering wheel support to NFS Hot Pursuit.  However, at this point there is no ETA of when the support will be added to the game.

Xbox 360
We officially support the Microsoft wheel but any Xbox 360 wheel will most likely work fine. 
Xbox360  支持微软方向盘但是应该或许其他360的方向盘也应该支持

For PC we support all X input or Direct X compatible controllers, in other words, they’ll all work and will need to be configured in the game.
PC  支持

For Wii we support the Mario Kart wheel and compatible.
Wii 支持马里奥赛车的方向盘和其他类似装置